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How to get historical data from yahoo finance

Yahoo finance has stop providing index data recently.  Lots of API services and websites are in trouble. So i too. I have found a way to get historical data from yahoo finance. You can get it from here

Set up the Development Environment for AngulaJS

First of all we have set up development environment before doing anything in AngulaJS. Install Node.js® and npm if they are not already on your machine. After installing nodeJS run the following command or go to for more details npm install -g @angular/cli ng new my-app cd my-app ng serve You will see a successfully compiled message … Continue reading

How to learn Angular?

Angular is JavaScript framework which allow us to create dynamic single page application. In this series of blog post i will try to make clear the basic functionality of AngulaJS. Through out the series i will try explain and cover the following features of Angular: Development Environment Basics Component & Databinding Directives Routing Services & … Continue reading

Never bounce API WordPress plugin

To check real/fake email using Never Bounce API which work with Contact Form 7 as extension. Download it from here.  

How to remove srcset from media image in WordPress

WordPress 4.4 will add native responsive image support by including srcset attributes to the image markup it generates. It has some good purpose though what you will do to remove it. We can easily do it by calling the following line of code also make sure to put this code in functions.php of your active … Continue reading

How to run artisan command in shared hosting from route or controller

Laravel is the most modern and popular framework in PHP. One of the most powerful tools in Laravel is artisan command. Most of the time we host our site in shared server and most of the shared server does not support or provide command line interface. So what to do if we need to run artisan command. Here is how we can do it easily in Laravel from route. We will use the call method on the Artisan facade to run command.

How to run multiple PHP version with XAMPP on windows Side By Side

Some time we are in a situation where we badly need another PHP version to check our projects in local machine. We have some solutions too for this like Vagrant or Docker which provides us virtual environment. But for some one who heard it first time or in a hurry what will be the solution … Continue reading

Laravel 5.2 – How to access image from storage folder

Laravel provides a powerful filesystem. Using filesystem you can easily upload files and make it private so user cannot download it directly.

But if you want to provide public URL then there is some way to do it.

Laravel 5.2: How to enable multi session per user in Sentry 2

If you are using Sentry 2 with your favourite Laravel framework then might have a single session per user which is security features. But you may need multi sessions per user. Say you have one account to allow to moderate content in your website from admin panel. And you don’t want to create multiple user … Continue reading

How to make the bootstrap modal width dynamic to its content

How to set/make the bootstrap modal width dynamic to its content display:inline-block elements get dynamic width regarding their content Add the following css to your page .modal-dialog { max-width: 100%; width: auto !important; display: inline-block; } Now add the following code to open the modal in center .modal{ text-align: center; }